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INTO PAINFREAK from Necro Publications, Bedlam Press & Weird West Books is #17 in Kindle Store! Featuring all new stories from from some of the top authors in modern horror and includes an all new novelette from Edward Lee! Buy the Trade Paperback from us and save a few dollars.

PAINFREAK will be available as trade paperback and ebook at first. Then our friends at Camelot Books & Gifts will be doing a 52 copy lettered edition! So you will have to buy it from them when it is announced. It will be signed by all authors and come in a sweet tray case. It will be a beautiful deluxe edition!

This is a book that takes us deep, deep into the bowels of Painfreak, the traveling club that arises out of the dark and calls to those seeking the ultimate in pleasure and pain. If you wear the invisible mark of the bone on your hand then enter through the door. Many come to experience the ultimate in decadence and debauchery. And many get lost in a labyrinth filled with depraved sex, beautiful death, and wonderfully horrible sights. You've been given the mark, now step into the heart of…PAINFREAK.

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Written by David Barnett — December 12, 2016

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