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Edward Lee's CITY INFERNAL was #1 for October and November on our Trade Paperback seller list! It is astounding that this title keeps resonating with fans old and new!

When Cassie's twin sister, Lissa, commits suicide, Cassie discovers she can travel to Hell to retrieve her sister's soul. Cassie thought she knew all about the Hell of legend, but finds Hell has evolved over the millennia into a bustling city full of the damned with looming skyscrapers, crowded streets, systemized evil, and atrocity as the status quo.

Welcome to the Mephistopolis.
Welcome to the city of Hell.

"The group of friends from Hell that Cassie meets are very interesting. Had this book been a movie in the 80s or possibly even now, this group could have been pop culture or horror movie icons."

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Written by David Barnett — December 03, 2016

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