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A nice review of David G. Barnett​'s NEON WINGS: TALES OF THE FALLEN BOOK 2 by William C. Bitner Jr.​! See below!


I just finished reading “Neon Wings (Tales of the Fallen: Book 2)” by David G. Barnett. I want to first say a big thank you to David for the autographed copy of this book which was a win. This is Book 2 in the Tales of the Fallen series, but not really a book 2 in the sense that the story-line and characters continue in the next installment. This book was a totally different set of characters and a totally separate story-line. The thing that continues on in book 2 is the subject matter. We still have demons, fallen angels and a struggle of ideals and beliefs. Horror built on the edge of a religious belief for me is very exciting and I found this book very entertaining. If you read “Awakenings (Tales of the Fallen: Book 1)” you will find that it was much more in your face with gore and darkness. This installment was a bit more tame but still went to the dark side and was quite an experiment in escapism. I’m hooked, and look forward to my next fear fest from the mind of David G. Barnett.

Synopsis (from back cover): HANK BAKER: A hardened detective who’s seen just about every terrible thing one human can do to another. But the horrors found in an abandoned warehouse in a forgotten part of the city leave him shaken beyond belief.

DACK: A small-time meth dealer whose life just went up in smoke. He figures he has limited time on this Earth before his boss comes looking for a pound of flesh. So he runs to the one place he feels at home—a dive bar run by Bull. But Dack’s home away from home quickly turns into a downward spiral of murder and chaos.

ZEE: An otherworldly bounty hunter who shows up at Bull’s bar to collect his bounty, but finds something far more interesting…

Bull and Dack suddenly find themselves on a road trip with the bounty hunter whose hunt leads them headfirst into a maelstrom of stunning revelations and utter destruction.

Join the journey as David G. Barnett unravels another Tale of the Fallen.

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Written by David Barnett — April 10, 2017

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