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D Alexander Ward​'s BENEATH ASH & BONE has been quietly receiving some great reviews!

"A murder mystery with a Southern Gothic horror feel and more than a touch of the supernatural, Beneath Ash & Bone was a fascinating, creepy, riveting, and engaging read and I highly recommend it for lovers of the genre." ~Cover2Cover

"A chilling tale set in the Civil War-era South, Beneath Ash and Bone delivers a classic macabre backdrop replete with well-seasoned, realistic characters and harsh environment, but where many historical horrors/thrillers bog down in rustic detail description and cliché, this one comes to life with Mr. Ward’s incredible gift for voice and experience." ~Amazon Reviewer

BENEATH ASH & BONE was our #1 Trade Paperback for the month of April!


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Written by David Barnett — October 17, 2016

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