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Robert Dean has been garnering a ton of 5 Star reviews on Amazon for the Weird West Title, THE RED SEVEN.
"The story does not disappoint. It is dirty and tough like an old boot. Dean just plain refuses to let his characters do any navel gazing that would let the story go off track. He also avoids all the "white hat, shiny badge" clichés that would dull the quality of the text." ~Amazon Reviewer Jason Pontzer
"Amazing western revenge novel that splatters its arteries all over the page. Definitely a fun read for fans of spaghetti western films and just enough blood to drag in the horror fans as well"
~Amazon Reviewer Brian Houlihan
"Fans of westerns and brutal action will find a lot to love here, as I don't think it would be unfair to describe it as the perfect marriage between Tarantino's Kill Bill and and McCarthy's Blood Meridian, yet still unique in its voice and vision."
~Amazon Reviewer Brian Bochenek
A bounty hunter draped in black stalks the American landscape looking for seven men. Seven vicious beasts that took his heart and shattered it. Fueled by a depraved hatred and will only beset by revenge, The Ghost searches for the men who murdered his family in cold blood. One by one, he’ll cross their names off their wanted poster and find closure with each crushing bullet.
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Written by David Barnett — December 03, 2016

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