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The July Book of the Month over at The Splatter Club is HEADER 3 by Edward Lee!

The Splatter Club and Necro Publications, Bedlam Press & Weird West Books are offering discounted HEAD. Your summer is about to get a HOLE lot better because you not only get to choose which sort of HEAD you would like, but each is guaranteed to offer a happy ending! BURROW over to the following sites and grease up for July!

The Splatter Club is the most bizarre and extreme book club in existence. Joining this club means not only will you read and discuss one of the most underrated facets of literature, but as a member you’ll directly impact the Splatters—an award to recognize superior achievement in extreme and bizarro publishing.

They also have live chats with authors, live streams of author readings, discounts on books, and exclusive looks at extreme projects before they’re released to the public. An extremely cool group!

Written by David Barnett — June 21, 2017