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Skins of Youth by Mehitobel Wilson & Charlee Jacob

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by Charlee Jacob 

Mihail looks into the collection of mirrors his grandmother has given him in hopes that one day he won’t see himself. And when this happens he knows he will finally be immortal. Her tales of vampires, meant to scare Mihail only serve to tantalize him and Mihail spends his nights trying to find the one who will make him immortal. He commits atrocities that will hopefully push him beyond the edge of mortality. Instead, they just push him to the edge of sanity.



by Mehitobel Wilson

Ted has noticed some odd things about his friends, Meg and Dannyboy. They seem to be changing. And it’s not just them that are changing, Ted feels himself changing—growing apart from his friends and himself. Maybe hooking up with a new band will help him change his life. Maybe… Or maybe it’s too late… Maybe his life is growing up without him.

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