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Go-Devil Boogie by Doc Solammen (Trade Paperback)

eBook - $2.99 USD



Beauregard Trask is dead. His failure to realize it figures prominently in his inability to relax and enjoy the ambiance and amenities offered aboard the 622 as it conveys him, via express railway service, to Hell. After the fashion of all great journeys, Beauregard's progress is punctuated by a host of traveling companions which grows ever more exotic as he makes his way toward the locomotive and the prospect of striking up a redemptive bargain with the terrible engineer who tends the fires there. 

Doc Solammen, author of "Tangy Bonanza" and "Tryptophan," takes readers on an unapologetic tear-ass across infernal realms exceeding Dante's imaginings and St. John's tolerance for blasphemy. With "Go-Devil Boogie" Solammen establishes incontrovertibly that there are many roads to Hell…but only one set of tracks.