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Crogian by John Leahy (Trade Paperback)


eBook - $2.99 USD



"…creature lovers have reason to celebrate: John Leahy's Crogian makes giant insects cool again. Crogian is an entertaining tale of survival that delivers solid writing and plenty of repulsive, hungry, massive creatures."

Gabino Iglesias, ChiZine


"Leahy shows great promise. [Crogian] is real and human…"

— Michel Sabourin,


"CROGIAN is predominantly science fiction, but it successfully retains a palpable measure of horror, and the story works to incorporate plenty of terror that should sate the appetites of those in search of a new, refreshing piece of the horror conglomerate. Take some time out to read this novel, it’s time well spent."

— Horror Novel Reviews


"I loved Crogian...Imagine Honey I I Blew Up The Kids with teeth meets The Mist...reminiscent of the works of John Wyndham."

Snakebite Horror Reviews


"Leahy displays genuine talent, especially in detail and characterization. I think the guy can write, and if you like believable, generally impressive writing, and an eco-horror about military stupidity, then this could be just what you are looking for. I was impressed by his vision." 

— Terry Jackman, Albedo One

"...Very exciting, vivid in horror novel I have read in a long time...a must have book...10/10."

— Dark Goddess, Horror Palace

"Refreshing to read a new take on the apocalypse...Leahy has written a visually- descriptive novel that you will not forget...a perfect book to start off the new year! …recommended for fans of Steve Alten." 
"Leahy's wonderfully descriptive writing style...Characterization and big moves seem to be Leahy's strong suit...I loved the way this novel made my skin crawl...Crogian was an amazing outing for a first time author...I can't wait to read what John Leahy writes next..."


"This book scared the sh-t out of me. I couldn't put it down or sleep. I want more but it ends."

— James G. Fisher III


Alaska, 2010

In a remote Alaskan creek the U.S. Air Force unearth the find of the millennium. Little do they know that the mysterious discovery will lead them to something that will unleash a terrifying nightmare upon Earth…

Texas, 2017

The military is moving into the abandoned chemical plant next to Ken Forde’s farm. But the military isn’t the only new arrival in Speaker. A weird, frazzled stranger is keeping a close eye on the plant, as well.

What could possibly be going in there? Unfortunately, Ken and the rest of world will soon find out…

CROGIAN: a highly secret military project that has gone horribly wrong unleashing an apocalyptic blight on the world.

Ken and all the residents of Speaker awake to a nightmarish landscape. Cut off from civilization and any help, they must make their way to Houston and sanctuary — a journey through stifling heat, and a route filled with giant abominable creatures.

Who will make it to Houston?

Who will survive the horror that is…CROGIAN