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Goon by Edward Lee & John Pelan (Hardcover)

  • Limited Edition Hardcover
  • Overlook Press
  • Signed

Also available in eBook

eBook - $3.99 USD



Six-foot-nine and four hundred pounds, GOON is a one-man gore-machine of the Wrestling Conference. Police captain Philip Straker isn't a wrestling fan. The bodies pile up like dirty laundry: sex-obsessed tramps used as playthings by some unspeakable creature. Straker is determined to solve the rash of rape and mutilation murders with trimmings that beggar description. Reporter Melinda Pierce will do anything to find out, by offering herself up in order to infiltrate the arcane and lust-drenched warrens of backstage wrestling. This human juggernaut, this masked rack of guts, muscle, and mayhem... Is Goon just a wrestler gone insane? Or is he something hideously worse?

Seven Pages of Artwork by noted artist Micah Hayes. Original Cover Art by Erik Wilson. Our edition completely re-typeset and the author's preferred edition.


"..Goon ... From the moment I picked it up, I could not put it down. For hard-core horror fans only."

— Marlene Leach, FUNERAL PARTY

"A raunchy riot of .. ringrats, and no-holds-barred sex.. for fans of over-the-top action and outrageous thrills."

— Lucy Taylor, author of Safety of Unknown Cities and Silence Between The Screams 

"Goon's incredibly lewd, leeringly vulgar and totally tasteless but decidedly clever entertainment that can't be beat."

— Paula Guran, DARK ECHO

"This novel.."enthusiastic" and "vibrant", but that others might call, well, sick... You have been alerted."

— Wayne Edwards, CEMETERY DANCE

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