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Siege of Station 19 by Raegan Butcher

Excellent review over at Verbicide Magazine.


Under Siege!

It’s the Fourth of July, 1987 in El Paso, Texas, and rock solid cop Devalerie Love just wants to do his job and then go home to his wife and two young daughters. Sent to an unfamiliar precinct and reduced to babysitting a soon-to-be-closing police station, he resigns himself to an uneventful evening.

But the routine “supervisory job” becomes a test of heroism when a horde of vicious monsters attacks and the police officer is forced to team up with a notorious criminal, Rattlesnake Torres, contract killer for the Mexican Mafia, to fend off the rampaging creatures. It is a fight to the death as the besieged occupants of Station 19 battle the swarming reptilian hordes.

Did the creatures come down in the meteor storm? Or were they grown in a laboratory to be the ultimate weapon? Who will survive the night? Who will survive the Siege of Station 19!

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