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The Fall of the Angel Nathalie by Jamie Brindle


"If you are looking for an intelligent and thrilling novel that will keep you thinking about good and evil long after you finish it then The Fall of The Angel Nathalie, is the perfect book for you."

— Jim McCleod, Ginger Nuts of Horror


"I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone who has even the most tenuous affection for Fantasy. For those of us that love fantasy with a true and unrelenting passion, then this will not disappoint. In fact it may even reaffirm those who may have become jaded and
somewhat disillusioned with fantasy and horror in this post-Twilight sparkly world that we inhabit."

— UK Horror Scene

There’s a war going on...

…a war for human souls, and the only weapons allowed are whispers and nudges.

Do you believe in angels and daemons? It doesn’t really matter, because they believe in you.

From innocuous suburban homes where madness festers like rotten meat, to the Gardens of Avalon where the grass is green and the sun always shines; from the corrupt back-alleys of London, to any small American town…they are there.

And they’re fighting over you...

Nathalie is an angel: beautiful, powerful beyond belief and in charge of stopping people from doing anything too evil…as long as she plays by the rules, that is. Free will is considered of upmost importance by the powers that be, and Intervention is frowned upon severely with a plunge to the fires below as punishment.

And the daemons? Well, they’re in charge of the tempting, of course. When Jason, a fallen angel with flawless looks and an even more flawless tailored suit, sets his sights on tempting someone with more to lose than any human, will Nathalie have the strength of will to resist Intervention? And if she does fall, what will become of her?

There are things even angels and daemons fear...

Nathalie’s journey through sin, temptation, and free will explores how far you are prepared to go to stop good people doing bad things. If you stop someone pulling the trigger, does that mean that in their heart they didn’t commit murder?

Sometimes...the best things are done by the worst people.

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