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The Phantom Cabinet by Jeremy Thompson

Space Shuttle Conundrum collides with empty atmosphere, passing from known reality into the realm beyond life. At the same time, a dead newborn is resurrected amidst a hospital-wide poltergeist infestation. 
What connects these ghastly occurrences and how can the fate of humanity rest on a single boy’s shoulders?  
As the haunted Douglas Stanton spends his adolescence an outcast—his only friend the ghost of a long lost astronaut—a porcelain-masked entity lurks in the shadows, planning Douglas’ demise. Because Douglas is the key… the key to the door… the door between what we know and what we fear. And when the key is turned…realities will come crashing together.  
Step into The Phantom Cabinet…
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"I highly recommend this book. It is one that will keep crawling around in your mind and making you second guess what you saw out of the corner of your eye." 

— Charla White, The Bookie Monster

"To summarise: this book was nothing like I expected it to be. Putting it quite simply, it’s superb. It’s a horror, with some parts not just scary but horrific. It’s full of ghosts and spirits and all things connected to the dead. It’s written in a style that you just don’t see from many authors today in using the olde worlde narrative. In some parts you will cringe. In others you will have a wry smile on your face. If you are like me, for the most part, you will not want to put this one down. Again, if you are like me, you will be watching out for the name Jeremy Thompson in the future."

— Confessions of a Reviewer

"A well-written and expertly arranged novel that belongs up there with any big-name horror book currently shelved in bookstores."

— Mr. Pasty, Ain't It Cool News