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The Thunderbird Project by Rebecca Harwell

Not all superheroes live a glamorous life.

The Thunderbird project was an FBI-run group of superhumans until they were unceremoniously disbanded and sent out into the world to live normal lives. But unfortunately for the red-headed, mean-tempered Jupiter being 18-foot tall makes blending into society pretty much impossible. She resigns herself to living in warehouses and searching for a place where she can just be left alone.

Some just want the world to forget them.

Four years later, after being followed for days by unmarked vehicles, Jupiter is attacked and left for dead on a bridge, narrowly rescued amidst screams and camera flashes by an old teammate. She discovers that members of The Thunderbird Project are being targeted and one is already dead. Jupiter reluctantly joins the newly reinstated group.

But some people won’t forget and just want them dead.

With a whole lot of pain and past between them, the team struggles to find the identity of the assassins so they can all go back home. Since any chance of getting away from the world disappeared the day she crawled onto that bridge, Jupiter just wants to make the guys who came after her pay. And if that means sticking it to a world that hates her…so much the better.

You don’t get a ‘happily ever after’ when everyone considers you a freak.

"If you enjoy the superhero phenomenon of recent years then this book is definitely worth reading as it may just take you by complete surprise as it did me. It's new, it's fresh and it's an astonishingly captivating and suspenseful read. For me the superhero books are irresistible and I am very glad that I didn't let this one pass me by as I would have missed an unwavering delight. Rebecca Harwell is most surely an author worth watching in the future and I will be waiting eagerly to see what she does next!"

— Gizzimomo's Book Shelf