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I'm sorry, but I simply cannot get through everything I already have on hand. I need to focus on getting the projects already in the pipeline out and my reading time has taken a hit. For those with manuscripts already with me just know that response time is now at 3-4 months. Also, Necro/Bedlam authors can send me manuscripts without asking.  


Let's get this out of the way right off the bat:



Here’s what I offer:
• Ebook = 25% net sales (cover price) $2.99
• Trade paperback = 10% net (cover price) $9.95 - $12.95
• Hardcover = 10% net (cover price) [If we do a hardcover edition. Hardcovers are not a definite.]
• Royalties paid every 6 months: (Sales periods end on June 30th and December 31st. Payments are made one month after the end of sales period to give time for all sales reports to come in.)
• 10 trade paperback upon publication
• 5 hardcovers upon publication (these ship about a month later than tpb and ebook release)
• More can be provided but you need to let me know ahead of time
• I will provide copies for you if you set up a review on me or signing at $5/copy deducted from royalties due. 
• Distribution through Amazon, Ingram and all ebook distributors.
• A completely professional book.
So that’s the basics. Now here’s the cold truth. Not going to blow smoke up anyone's skirt and tell you riches are on the way. I publish a lot of new authors and a very small percentage of them sell well. There appears to be no rhyme or reason as to what hits and what doesn’t. It’s a weird business. This is small press, so as an author it is most beneficial for you to get yourself out there and pimp yourself hard. Get interviews, do blog tours, set up reviews (I do this as well, but some places like to deal with the authors directly), become active on Goodreads and setup giveaways (I will provide copies to winners). So it’s an uphill battle but I will provide you what you need to try and get up it.
I feel bad when an author makes no money. So I’m clear about all this up front. My role here is as an investor in you. I will provide you with a completely professional product for you to sell. All costs are in my lap and it’s also up to me to do what I can to sell your book so I can get my initial investment back.





We are interested in dark horror novels and novellas. We only consider short story collections from authors with an established audience/cult following. The reason for this is due to the fact that short story collections just don't seem to sell well for us anymore. Only interested in work with a modern voice. Violence, sex, gore and disturbing elements are fine, but remember we expect good character development and story progression. If all you're trying to do is shock, then try another publisher. We've been doing this for 20 years and have seen it all and submitting gross-out, extreme horror just to try and shock us isn't going to work. You can write extremely dark and disturbing fiction and still have a quality narrative with solid, well-developed characters. And yes, while Necro has been known for publishing gross-out in the past, we're kind of over it and want more from authors than shock value. Read a Charlee Jacob novel and see how that balance is achieved.



We are looking for everything other than dark, brutal horror. It can be science fiction (although we're not big on hard sci-fi), we especially love humor, dark and bizzare. We will consider horror for this line but it would be a lighter, less dark and disturbing and more humorous. We also really love urban fantasy along the lines of Jim Butcher's DRESDEN series and Simon R. Green's NIGHTSIDE books, books that are dark with an infusion of humor and shows new worlds, monsters and creations. A couple of our other favorite authors include: Christopher Moore, Matt Ruff, and A.R. Martinez.



Well, the name says it all. Looking for novels and novellas that are westerns with a horror, fantasy, sci-fi element. Think Joe R. Lansdale and King's THE DARK TOWER series.



Typically we're looking for English language rights for trade paperbacks and eBooks to be distributed in the US, Canada and the UK. Depending on the project we may want to do a limited edition hardcover. However, this will most likely be limited to those authors with a proven track record of small press limited edtion sales.



1. Something needs to happen early in the story to grab my interest. I am not into quiet horror. To put it simply, stuff needs to happen. I read manuscripts on my Kindle, which gives me a percentage of how far into the story I am and I’ll be literally 25% into a story and absolutely nothing has happened. This is boring to me. Start off with something that will grab the reader and make them want to continue reading to see what is going on.


2. My personal preference is Urban Fantasy. Meaning I like a supernatural element mixed into a modern world setting. I want to see new, fresh takes on old monsters if you're going to use them. If you're going to do vampires, do something new as I'm not a huge fan of them. I'd prefer to see new creations.


3. I don't want plays, blog collections, non-fiction, conspiracy ramblings, poetry.


4. I want good narrative fiction with solid character development and action all building to a satisfying climax.


5. Gay sex is not a horrific thing to me. I get that a lot of people are disturbed by this very notion, but I'm not.


6. DO NOT tell me you are the next Edward Lee. You are not. Or that your novel is a "work of genius" that I "have" to publish. It's not, and you're annoying.


I realize some of the above makes me sound like a jerk, but I have been dealing with all of this recently and I don't want to have to deal with it any longer. So I'm making things as clear as I can.



1. Please review proper punctuation, grammar and spelling rules. I've been getting far too many manuscripts that are just complete messes. If you want to be considered a real writer, then learn how to write properly. Give a publisher the best and cleanest manuscript you can if you want to be taken seriously.


2. One main peeve, comma of address or direct address comma. Please use this and use it properly, for it really does matter, e.g.:

"Let's eat, Grandpa."

"Let's eat Grandpa."


3. Know the difference between its and it's. Too, two and to, as well as all homonyms.


4. Please have someone who knows proper writing rules go over your manuscript before submitting it to any publisher. There's nothing more distracting than trying to plod through an endless train of errors.


While I don't expect every manuscript to be the model of perfection (every Harry Potter book has errors), just know that not using the proper punctuation, spelling and grammar can detract and make your manuscript less enjoyable.


Those interested in Necro or Bedlam should query  with a description of your project and we'll see if it's something we might be interested in checking out.