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Sacrifice by Edward Lee (Trade Paperback)

eBook - $4.99 USD


Alice has found a new life…

Yesterday, Alice Sterling was having a hard time. She had a less-than-perfect body that secretly shamed her—and a brute of a boyfriend who betrayed her. Then came the accident that crippled her.

…and an ancient evil has found Alice

Today, Alice has it all. Or so it seems. She’s discovered a newfound erotic power over men, but it’s a power that soon turns deadly. For Alice has begun to dream…haunting dreams of a demon with the ravishing face of a goddess and an unmerciful soul.

Now, as Alice is lured into the buried depths of an ancient house, she is about to make a terrifying discovery about who she is. And what she has become.

--This is a re-release of the 1995 novel written under the pseudonym Richard Kinion.

The first hardcover edition is limited to 52 signed and numbered copies, bound in real leather, special printed endsheets and bookmark. Hardcovers are due to ship in October. 

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