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Forever Big Top by Jeremy Thompson (Hardcover)

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After what turns out to be his group Sirkus Kult’s final concert, clown hip-hopper Freshy Jest finds himself bedding a voluptuous groupie. Unfortunately, the gal’s sexual philosophy includes postcoital “double suicide,” and her butcher knife makes flesh confetti of Freshy’s abdomen.

Transported via death into a circus tent afterlife, the rapper encounters enough clowns to colonize a continent—populating amusement rides, humorously cavorting, and playing games of skill and chance. Before long, he makes many strange, funny new friends. 

But even in the hereafter, one can die. Enduring a succession of gruesome demises, each of which drops him to a lower tent level, Freshy tours realms of shifting geometry, backwards colors, self-aware balloon animals, scalding lipstick currents, and grisly gluttony. Menaced by serial killer clowns and even eerier entities, he seeks to return to Earth. 

Will Freshy Jest escape the Forever Big Top, and come back to life, or is he destined to reach the great tent’s nethermost level?


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