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Ghostlights: The Timekeepers' War Book 2 by S.C. Jensen (Trade Paperback)


Reeling from the explosion that brought down an empire, Ghost and Lynch make plans to disappear. Ghost would do anything to escape the meddling Timekeepers, including faking her own death.

If only she could convince Lynch.

Rumors swirl about bloodthirsty creatures roaming the tunnels below the City, and the sun-seared streets are not much safer. When disaster strikes, the risk of imminent death forces Ghost to reconsider her plan.

Could she be wrong about the Timekeepers after all?

Something sinister lurks in the shadows of the City. Ghost must uncover secrets from her past to reveal whether the true monsters prowl above or below the surface. If she’s wrong, she will lose Lynch and everything she has been fighting for.

"S.C. Jensen mixes romance with the gritty reality of this new world (really, romance isn’t a big part, it’s just the part that I enjoyed). She keeps you guessing and interested with the intrigue of the Timekeepers."

"I had a real good time reading The Timekeepers’ War This is a book to read again."