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Godmode by Quan Williams (Trade Paperback)

eBook - $2.99 USD


"Godmode was incredible! I loved the transformation and the idea that all can be redeemed. It’s not for the faint at heart, but it is for those who know that there are some things worth fighting for: family, friends, and love."

— Evelyn Rainey

A fight for life through a Lovecratian hell.


Elijah awakens in a cage, and can’t remember who he is or how he got there. He's trapped in a laboratory full of dead scientists, at the bottom sub-level of a corrupt pharmaceutical company. He climbs floor after floor in a desperate attempt to escape, facing off against vivisected abominations resembling H.P. Lovecraft’s most terrifying nightmare creatures. While fighting his way through bat-winged flight gaunts, behemoth-sized wendigo mules, killer centipedes with wasp heads that spit corrosive acid, and human-sized, man-eating polyps, he gleans the truth about his captors…and himself…

He worked for this evil company. He lied, manipulated and womanized his way from being a lowly intern up to middle management. He had an affair with his supervisor to get promoted. He knew something was wrong, but turned a blind eye to advance his career. And in return, they threatened to kill his wife and daughter unless he participated in their inhumane experiments. Elijah thinks it’s not too late to make things right. He can redeem himself. He can rescue his family and make his captors pay for their crimes.

But first, he has to make it out of that building alive.