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Homecoming: White Trash Gothic 3 by Edward Lee (Deluxe Hardcover Slipcase Edition)

Sold out.

Coming in December 2021


  • Signed & Lettered Deluxe Edition Hardcover
  • Cover and Interior Art by Acclaimed Comic Artist William Skaar
  • Royal Purple High-Grade Linen Cloth Binding
  • Matching Slip Case
  • Color Endpapers
  • Bookmark
  • 52 Lettered Copies
  • A perfect match to the White Trash Gothic Deluxe

            ARE YOU READY

            Twenty years ago the legendary monster known as The Bighead was killed, and since that time, its huge dead body has lain hidden in the locked cooler at a remote funeral home.

            Then a stranger came to town… And guess what?

            Now the Bighead’s body is gone, and, no, it wasn’t stolen. It walked out on its own.

            ARE YOU READY

            Join the nameless Writer, a haunted car, and his two nymphomaniac girlfriends as their search for this execrable, unstoppable monster leads them on a stupefying joyride through a redneck netherscape of corpse-sex, grave-plundering, scat flicks, human livestock, masturbation with severed hands and the most haunted house in the world.


            You better be, because The Bighead is back, and he’s looking to party…