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Master of Pain by Wrath James White and Kristopher Rufty Deluxe Hardcover Slipcase Edition



  • Signed & Lettered Deluxe Edition Hardcover
  • Leathrt Binding
  • Matching Slip Case
  • Color Endpapers
  • Bookmark
  • 52 Lettered Copies
            For as long as she can remember, Melanie has always been attracted to assertive, dominant, alpha males. She has been curious about sadism and masochism, bondage, and submission. But, when she meets a man on an online BDSM website, who calls himself SLAVEMASTER, she will experience a level of sadomasochism that goes far beyond Safe, Sane, and Consensual.
            From the twisted minds of extreme horror masters Wrath James White and Kristopher Rufty, inspired by the true story of America's first online serial killer, comes a story of extreme violence, sex, perversion, and the occult.


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