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Neon Wings by David G. Barnett (Hardcover)

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"Brimming with violence more outrageous than a Tarantino flick and featuring a warehouse that makes the corpse-temple of Jeepers Creepers look like a Hello Kitty Funhouse, Barnett’s latest component of his Fallen series proves to be one of the most unique, diverse, and imaginative occult stories of the year, a mind-bending celestial horror-fantasy and alternative hip character drama that MUST be read by fans of the outre and off-the-wall."

— Edward Lee, author of THE BIGHEAD and THE PIG




A hardened detective who’s seen just about every terrible thing one human can do to another. But the horrors found in an abandoned warehouse in a forgotten part of the city leave him shaken beyond belief.



A small-time meth dealer whose life just went up in smoke. He figures he has limited time on this Earth before his boss comes looking for a pound of flesh. So he runs to the one place he feels at home—a dive bar run by Bull. But Dack’s home away from home quickly turns into a downward spiral of murder and chaos.



An otherworldly bounty hunter who shows up at Bull’s bar to collect his bounty, but finds something far more interesting…

Bull and Dack suddenly find themselves on a road trip with the bounty hunter whose hunt leads them headfirst into a maelstrom of stunning revelations and utter destruction.

Join the journey as David G. Barnett unravels another Tale of the Fallen.


"Neon Wings is a vivid, fast-paced tale of Old Testament family politics sweeping up angels and everyday folks in a non-stop carnage joyride. Drop your cassocks and pick up your chalices, ladies and gentlemen, because even God can’t stop what He started. Steeped in tragedy and trauma, mortal and immortal, Barnett’s savage story bites and hurts as it shows us what our Father might look like, if He really did make us in His image. Bless yourself and don’t miss this one!"

— Gerard Houarner, author of the Max the Assassin series, the Dead Cat series with Gak and PAINFREAK


"In NEON WINGS David G. Barnett gears up for a hell of a road trip, stomps the gas pedal, and rams us all straight into angelic mayhem. The personalities in this novella are truly aglow, and it's a real thrill to ride along with rich, nuanced characters through a ripping-fast plot and scenes that sear with gore. Ultra-fun, gory, and a little bit heartbreaking: can't ask for more."

— Mehitobel Wilsonauthor of

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