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Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman by Edward Lee Trade Paperback

eBook - $4.99 USD



She is utterly beautiful, and utterly insane.

A novel from Edward Lee & Elizabeth Steffen.

A full-force, hardcore psycho thriller. 

Unlike anything you've seen from Ed Lee before.



She shackles them to the bed.

She glues their eyes closed.

She punctures their eardrums.

She sews their lips shut.



They can't move. They can't see or hear.

They can't scream.

All they can do is feel.

And with her tools -- her scalpels and needles,

her bonesaws and her knives --

She gives them a lot to feel...


"The novel that American Psycho should have been... brutal, break-neck, and very real. An astonishing, gruesome feminist thriller..."

— Andrew Harper, author of Bad Karma