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The Dog: Necrophagus by Jack Maddox

Sold out.

A dark, DARK urban fantasy tale.

Dirge, where death is the number-one industry and the streets teem with human, post-human, and inhuman citizens. 

Jason Carver—a seedy private detective—accepts a case to catch a notorious serial killer called the Spiral. Only before he can even get started, a giant steel hand falls from the sky, crushing the taxicab he’s riding in.

Driving the cab is The Dog, a down-on-his-luck former stage magician, bare-knuckles boxer, and all-around tough guy. He’s less concerned about Carver’s death than he is about getting the $37 that was on the meter when the detective bit it. Unfortunately, after inheriting Carver’s detective agency through shady circumstances, the Dog’s only hope of getting the money is to capture the Spiral, a quest that brings him up against Mechanical strippers, Neo-Nazis, religious fanatics, a giant squid, and an undead gangster. On top of that, he finds himself a pawn in a conspiracy to overrun Dirge with glow-in-the-dark, telepathic zombies.

And that’s all before Death himself shows up.