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Tangy Bonanza by Doc Solomman (Spiral Bound ARC)

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  • Advanced Reading Copy.
  • Spiral Bound.
The first book from Bedlam Press, a new imprint of Necro Publications, is Tangy Bonanza, a collection of two novellas from Seattle-area writer Doc Solammen. His novellas "Tangy Bonanza" and "Tryptophan" are fast-paced, fun and bizarre road trips into an insane world of surrealistic mayhem and freaked-out characters including: A Talking Junkie Dog, The God of Chaos, A Dead Mime, A Sex-Crazed Jehovah's Witness, A Giant Poetry-Reciting Penis, Plenty of Fat Valkyries, A Dead Woman Named Fred, A Cross-Dressing Gay Priest, The Lamb of God, Lesbian Cowgirls and Of Course, Hisowndamnself, The Son of God...JESUS H. CHRIST!!!


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