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The Bite of the Jackal by Paolo Di Orazio (Hardcover)

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If you hear the dark growling, you know you’re gonna die!


According to a famous Italian legend, Romolo and Remo twins, the Rome’s foundators, were milked by a she-wolf.

But Marshal Alfredo Vanacura, a sensitive paranormal detective, now is next to discover something that will change the story we always knew.

Hidden corpses come back to make their assassins or lovers die. An unclassifiable wild beast comes out from the shadows to eat sinners and innocents, dead or alive. Moreover, an unknown kind of leprosy is spreading from inside a great Cathedral in the heart of the city.

This sort of holy plague seems to explode across Rome just when Afareen Torn, a young web pop-singer, arrives in Italy with his freaky manager Murnau, to make a dramatical and stunning television debut on the Italian main broadcasting channel.

What damned force does Vanacura have to face? Which kind of curse is covering Rome in blood?

Is this the ultimate Evil upcoming?

Or is just…its homecoming?