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The Preserve by Patrick Lestewka (Hardcover)

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In the summer of 1967, seven men, members of an elite combat unit, embarked on a covert operation in the jungles of Vietnam. Two died. The survivors were forever changed.

Twenty years later, the remaining unit members receive a letter from an anonymous benefactor, along with a check for $50,000 and a promise of more to follow—if they agree to one final mission. Their task is simple: journey to the wilds of northern Canada to track down and kill three escaped convicts. The convicts are starving and unarmed. Easy money. A cakewalk. But they have no idea what lays in wait on the snow-topped tundras and in the dark forests of the frozen north. Waiting with sharp teeth and slitted eyes and an old score to settle. They have no idea. But they will.  Soon.  They have entered... THE PRESERVE

"My wife and I spent Labor Day at Delaware's Rehobeth Beach. I took several books along with me, and started with this one. I finished it the same day. Could not put it down, not even when the Britney Spears and Beyonce look-alikes played volleyball in front of me.
"THE PRESERVE may very well be one of the best debut novels I've ever had the pleasure of reading. There are no rough spots, no fumbles, no missteps. Lestewka deftly guides both his characters and the reader, weaving a plot packed with crisp dialogue, page-turning action, and surprises and twists with every chapter. "The characters live and breath, and you probably know several of them. They're the people around us, scars and all. You may not sympathize with all of them—hell, you may very well loathe one or two of them—but I guarantee you that you'll recognize them.
"THE PRESERVE concerns an elite Marine combat unit on their last mission in Vietnam. What they discover deep within the jungles is evil at its utmost core. Now, years later, they are haunted by the past—not just in flashbacks and memories, but by something much worse. "If it sounds like I'm avoiding talking about the plot in-depth, that's because I am. THE PRESERVE is a novel that breaks stereotypes—and one of those is that just when you think you've figured out where it's going and what it's about, Lestewka yanks the rug out from under your feet. Talking about the plot in detail will give too much away, and that would be a shame. But if you dig weird war stories, zombies, vampires, werewolves, and sheer balls-to-the-wall horror/adventure, then this is a book YOU MUST NOT MISS. It's not for everyone. This is literary red meat, rather than literary bean sprouts; a heady mix of Edward Lee, Skipp & Spector, and Garth Ennis, a novel that combines black humor, crisp prose, buckets of gore, and has at its center, a very human heart.

"Highly recommended. 

"I absolutely LOVED it!"

— Brian Keene reviewing for HELLNOTES, Bram Stoker Award winning author of THE RISING and TERMINAL