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The Radioactive Bride by Alessandro Manzetti (Trade Paperback)

eBook - $4.99 USD



"Perverse, unholy, deranged--with THE RADIOACTIVE BRIDE, Alessandro Manzetti has created a ghastly rendition of a Post Apocalypse world whose frenzied denizens maim, mangle, and cannibalize to satisfy their obscene hungers.

Images take root in one’s mind that you’d need a lobotomy to pick to dislodge: a grotesque She-Pope who practices her skeet shooting with human clay pigeons launched from a vibrating platforman enormous obese “virgin” with petrified testicles woven into her braids who lounges seductively while the ultra-wealthy line up to obtain, with the aid of a state of the art extractor, a souvenir of her fatcircus ringmaster from hell ornaments his top hat with a toothed vagina .

I’d be tempted to say you can’t even imagine some of this stuff, except that Manzetti can and he has. Kudos to him for taking it to the edge—and then a good bit beyond."

— Lucy Taylor

"Alessandro Manzetti is for sure one of the most exciting writers to be bursting into the U.S. horror scene, and his new book sounds like a non-stop full-tilt horror party of futuristic perversion and outrage — right up my alley."
—  Edward Lee


Poisoned Uxor 77 radioactive meteor fucked Hearth with a big Kaboom! changing the way of life of the inhabitants of our planet. No more animal protein, no more moral values or conscience, weird and obscene mutations. The primordial spirit of cannibalism rises again from its invisible grave, walking hand in hand with old friends: Depravity and Sadism, and no one is safe anymore. Everyone is subject to a single watchword: survival at all costs. Yeah, you heard me, the ‘Radioactive Bride’ will marry you, dear future mankind, giving you a taste of her plutonium milk, turning you into exquisite prey or ravenous perpetrator.

This is a sort of diary of these days told through the lives of a few characters: new kind of freaks, half man and half worm, captured to become circus attractions; synthetic serial killers built-in labs; two-headed prostitutes offering special services to their clients; landfills with fights between women on next-gen drugs and mutated big rats; processions of new feminists who hunt for human testicles; the show of a fat lady offering viewers a succulent reason to come back (small pieces of her giant body); rich collectors of human organs; innovative restaurants and hyper-extreme brothels where pimps and celebrated chefs prepare the daily menu for their cannibal and depraved customers; the new slums of Paris, Rome and Berlin ruled by criminals; a shemale Pope with her infamous court, and a pedophile Governor watching excited, his aquariums of biomechanical, heretic creatures inside the Red Area of the New Wall.

So, strap on your seatbelt, move past moral, mercy and standard food, and get ready to be ejected at high speed towards the New World waiting for you.


"If, as Umberto Eco said, 'Reading is immortality backward,' then reading Alessandro Manzetti's Shanti — The Sadist Heaven is seeing mortality into a future coming apart at seams and stitches as civilization metastasizes before your eyes. The hyperreality of Manzetti's nitty-gritty prose gives a kaleidoscopic fly's-eye view of the Hell that is South Paris 5 and his poetic metaphors burrow into your psyche to lay mind-blowing oospores. This is an epic of stunning imagination, a veritable pleasure palace of perversion where humanity and cancer are indistinguishable."

— RANDY CHANDLER, author of Bad Juju, HELLz BELLz, Duet for the Devil, and co-editor of Year’s Best Hardcore Horror

"Manzetti guides us through a depraved and soul-scouring journey into the brutal and apocalyptic world of South Paris 5, where human flesh is the entree du jour and body packaging services a thriving business.  Here desperate degenerates play Meat Roulette, a hideous game of chance in which losers get to choose which body part will be hacked off, and teenaged girls are recruited to service the scum of an experimental detention program in the baking emptiness of the Sonoran Desert.

A master of extreme horror, Manzetti describes a world steeped in cruelty and perversion with a lyricism that often verges on the sublime. For those undaunted by the subject matter, his work is an experience not to be missed! "
— Lucy Taylor, author of Dancing with Demons and Safety of Unknown Cities



“Alessandro Manzetti’s writing cuts sharp and swift as a surgeon’s scalpel. Read him at your own risk!”

— Tim Waggoner, author of The Forever House


"Alessandro Manzetti’s Radioactive Bride might be thought of as a sort of Einstein-Rosen Bridge of genre fiction, punching apocalyptic holes in spacetime because no single genre has the scope to contain his prodigious literary talent. While the stories in his new collection echo some of the best speculative works of H. P. Lovecraft (“The Color Out of Space”), William Burroughs (The Wild Boys) and Bram Stoker (The Lair of the White Worm), they are uniquely Manzettian. William Burroughs said “language is a virus from out of space.” Alessandro Manzetti sets those viral lyrics to the music of the spheres in this mind-bending collection."

— Randy Chandler, Editor, Year’s Best Hardcore Horror