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Vestal by Charlee Jacob (Trade Paperback)

eBook - $3.99 USD


Abandoned, Rejected, Exploited…

They live in the shadows, away from the light, hiding from judgmental eyes. Complicated names to describe them, but to most of the world they’re just freaks. Although society sees little to no use for them, someone does…

The Goddess of Darkness …

She is beauty without light. A woman of inky shadow and a hunger to bring an end to the light. For centuries she has been amassing an army of darkness to go to war against those who worship at the golden feet of Dawn.

The War Begins…

For the vestals, Jett and Nival, there is only one existence…to serve the Goddess. They do as she instructs and when they do, light is extinguished and the denizens of the light will embrace the darkness the hard way. A trail of bizarre murders leads Detective Sam Pressure into an underground world where those unlucky enough to be born different pay the price with their distorted bodies—bodies not too different from Sam’s.

Can Sam find his way back to the light? Does he even want to?

Just what happens when you stick your head between legs of The Owl Girl?

And what is their role in the war between darkness and light? Will the Goddess of Darkness finally prevail over the fire-headed Goddess of Light?

And just what will become of the world should only one survive?


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