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A Blood of Killers

By Gerard Houarner

People are fascinating. Individually, and in groups. Tribes. Collectives.

- A talent of gamblers.
- A den of thieves. A pity of prisoners.
- A blood of killers.

What are they thinking, feeling, what do they do when people are watching, and when they aren't? What are they capable of? What can they be driven to do?

- The most beautiful acts and works never before imagined, of course.
- The most terrible and horrific, as well.
- Wonder and terror.
- The question becomes who are we, and who are we standing next to, a human, or a monster?
- Some of the answers to that question are in A Blood of Killers.

This is a massive 500 page collection of some of the best of Gerard's hard to find shorts and novellas which have appeared in long gone magazines and journals.

Plus Gerard fleshes out the background of Max the Assassin with the series of tales: TWELVE FUCKED UP JOBS including the novella "Dancing With the Skeletons at the Feast of the Dead.

This is Gerard at his best, packed with his beautifully brutal literary horror which has pushed him to be one of the best and most respected writers in dark fiction.