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Max's brand new origin story.

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Road From Hell

By Gerard Houarner

Max the Assassin is back! What started in the pages of Painfreak, continued in the books The Beast That Was Max and Road To Hell now comes to an explosive conclusion. Offered in a VERY limited edition hardcover which contains bonus material including an all new short story with introduction showing us just where Max came from and how he got started on his cursed and tragic journey through a life of murder and sex. Also offfered in an affordable unlimited trade paperback signed by the author.

“A non-stop rampage of exquisite horror. Houarner sets off a powder keg of awl-sharp imagery, occult intellect, and bad-to-the-bone super- naturalism to further evolve one of the most terrifying character-lines the genre has seen. An irresistible thriller, horror, and fantasy novel wrapped up as one, by an author who writes like Thomas Pynchon possessed by demons.”

—Edward Lee, author of
House Infernal and Flesh Gothic

Max the Assassin is in Hell.

Tormented by vengeful spirits and his secret self, the demonic Beast, Max suffers for the pain he caused when he lived, and for losing his chance at redemption through love.

Angel, Max's son, is devastated by his father's death and wanders the desert between the worlds in which he saw his father die, searching for a way home. Then he encounters the Caravan of the Dead, who promise him salvation, and Apocalypse.

Both their fates depend on Eartha, a young woman from Brooklyn, her circle of outsider friends, the soul of her dead father, a sex club called Painfreak, the Palace of the Djinn, and the ancient spirit of an Egyptian sacrificial cat.

Can Hell be broken? Can the dead return to life?

Can love conquer pain, vengeance, and death?

The answers are on The Road From Hell…

“A fascinating and thought- provoking dark fantasy that displays Gerard Houarner’s top of the line literary craftsmanship, Road From Hell is the perfect finale to the Max trilogy. Steeped in mythology and the bizarre wonders of the supernatural, the novel crosses genre borders as Max battles ghosts and demons from the very pit of oblivion. Houarner’s prose is tight, the imagery shocking, and the scenes haunting and diabolically terrifying.”

—Tom Piccirilli, author of
The Midnight Road and The Dead Letters

"With his latest opus in the Max saga, Gerard Houarner conjures up some of the most exotic, ferocious depictions of evil and retribution you’re ever likely to encounter. There’s a genuine sense of malice and bad intentions here, yet it’s unleashed in the service of a tale of love, sacrifice, and even something like redemption. The Road From Hell not only brings Max’s current path to a fitting sense of closure, but also resets the stage for something fresh and new … whenever Houarner chooses to go down that road."

— Brian Hodge, author of
Mad Dogs and World of Hurt